Day 27 – 30 Days of Thanks

5 “thankful things” for today:

1. breakfast as a family – during the school year, we regularly have breakfast together before folks leave for work and school, and it was nice today to have another of these early together-times, while school hasn’t even started yet.

2. nice naps – after a refreshing nap this afternoon (that I felt a little guilty about), I read this insightful post that helped me put the nap need in perspective.

3. “iron chef” daughter – we used to watch this program on the Food Network, where chefs would be given a particular ingredient, then would create a meal centering around that theme. So a few years ago, we started having Iron Chef lunches, with such ingredient themes as peanut butter, toast, bananas, yogurt… today was blueberries and yogurt.

4. MacGyver – our family has been having a wonderful time watching all seven seasons of this classic series from the 80’s and 90’s. One episode at a time, we’re planning to finish it by the time the girls graduate from high school. 

5. bookshelves – it is so nice to have a way to organize books! Granted, there are never enough bookshelves, but as my husband was sorting through some new additions and doing his wonderful organization wizardry, it was beautiful to see the loveliness of bookshelves in proper use. :) 

30 Days of Thanks – Day 26

5 things of thanks for today:

1. Sabbath – I am certainly thankful for a “day of rest”! Sunday is a day we aim to keep this way, though “rest” isn’t always defined the same way.

2. generous hearts – it has been a joy to watch as our daughters each give their Sunday morning time as leaders for the younger church attendees (ages 3-5). I think they each roll their eyes inwardly when I remind them that the antics they describe are the same things they did not too long ago. :)

3. working washing machine – two years ago, we came home from vacation, tried to wash our clothes, and found that our washing machine no longer worked. I am so thankful that history hasn’t repeated itself!

4. three quarter length sleeves – when a t-shirt isn’t quite enough for the weather but long sleeves are too warm for July, this sleeve length is just perfect. (I usually wear these more in September or October, but this year is a little unusual.)

5. my own pillow – Last night’s sleep was much more peaceful with my head resting on my own pillow. Others are fine, but I suppose that even my pillow falls into the “no place like home” category.

Day 25 – 30 Days of Thanks

What a lovely month it’s been thus far! July does seem to speed by, so I’m glad I’m taking a few moments each day to remember a few things I may otherwise take for granted.

5 things I’m thankful for today:

1. home – Dorothy was right: there’s no place like it. I so look forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight!

2. fast food – on the way home from a lengthy trip, it is nice to be able to stop and pick up a nice, warm meal, one with no dishes we need to wash.

3. Frosties and fries – a Wendy’s chocolate Frosty is a lovely treat, perfect for dipping lightly salted French fries into… mmm! (You may laugh, but try it, and you may agree.)

4. Very fresh blackberries – how lovely to return home and find that our blackberry bushes were starting to offer delicious, ripened fruit for us to enjoy. These were more impressive than anything we saw at the Farmer’s Market last week – and so juicy!

5. comfy chairs – we have had a wonderful week spending time with family, but one thing  truly am appreciating here at home is my comfy chair… I’m sure that my wonderful siblings, in-laws, parents, nieces and all would heartily agree in their own homes now. Wooden chairs, picnic tables, folding chairs and cramped couches work just fine, but the La-Z-Boy retains its special place of comfort for me :) .

Day 24 – 30 Days of Thanks

With today being a Friday, 5 things of thanks are not difficult to come by! :)

5 things of thanks for today:

1. Fridays! – whether this is a work week or time of vacation, Fridays always seem to be special days. I like them, and I know I’m not alone,

2. fresh blueberries – it’s that time of year that blueberry farms have wonderful fruit – and it freezes well for enjoyment well after July!

3. sharing a trip to the movies with family – and if the show you go to see ends up to be not as good as you had hoped, you have somebody to joke with, groan with, laugh with… but you had family time together, at least.

4. cousins… again – earlier this month, I shared thanks for my own first cousins, but this week, I share thanks for my daughters’ first cousins (my nieces). It is lovely to see our children share time together – from crochet lessons to beach trips, this cousin time is indeed precious.

5. family time without trouble – the fact that up to 17 people can spend a week together, with 12 of that group being ages of eighteen and seventy-one, all sharing space within a rented home, without huge arguments or injury or other unforeseen difficulties…well, this just amazes me. With more introverts than extroverts among us, it’s been a neat time to connect as adults. Then prepare to return to our homes. :)

Day 23 – 30 Days of Thanks

Day 23 is here – and as always, the hard part is narrowing down my list to five things. (A tougher thing this week has been having time to sit and write during a special family week. :) ) So balancing those two factors, I’ll be a little less verbose today. At least I’ll try…

Today’s 5 things of thanks:

1. fishing – even when you don’t catch anything!

2. the beach – on a day that isn’t a typical hot July day, it was lovely to visit the beach without overheating!

3. Great Lakes “ocean-like” view – winds brought on whitecaps near the Lake Michigan beach that looked so much like what we would see on the Florida coast!

4. finding a wheelchair that allowed me to visit the beach – not just the boardwalk. We were able to rent one like this for the day – fun!!

5. family card games – maybe Euchre, Hearts, Phase 10, Fluxx, or “Love Letter,” family card games are indeed fun. :)

Day 22 – 30 Days of Thanks

The first of today’s “thankful things” almost make me feel guilty… we live with so many blessings we often take for granted. Issues we deal with are “first word problems” – having problems with cell phone battery life, needing to decide which of 12 pair of shoes will work with the new outfit, a closet that is too crowded to fit something new, a refrigerator that is so full that I lost track of items inside… the need for balance in the midst of cultural excess is a struggle. So today’s list will be a true testament of thanks for things I experience today, and for a reflection of how blessed we are as a nation.

So after that bit of a ramble, I’ll get started:

5 Things of Thanks for today:

1. family shopping excursions – daughters and cousins have fun trying on outfits and finding sales – this does make for fun memories and great bargain buys!

2. new shoes – especially for children with growing feet, a discount shoe store is indeed appreciated!

3. soft pretzels – especially warm, fresh ones – with melted cheese dip… a nice treat!

4. racks of clothes at affordable prices – a visit to the outlet mall was a treat, and it’s fun to have the chance to purchase new things. So much to choose from… rather amazing, when thinking of a global perspective.

5. freedom to experience these things – my appreciation for things like this was magnified when I finished a book recommended by a family member. Time to Choose detailed the life of a German family that immigrated to the U.S. near the end of World War II. Hilda left her home at age 12, and her journey told of many experiences. After waiting six years and jumping through several hoops before travel visas arrived, Hilda and her family needed coats, but they had a hard time keeping food on the table, let alone purchasing new overcoats. But her father found a large case of beige yarn that a vendor sold for a very low price, so after he borroqws a weaving unit and set this up beside the sleeping quarters, Hilda’s sister wove the cloth for traveling coats for the entire family, sewn by a tailor friend. And they did this so that they could start their lives in this land of freedom. I need to remember this when I feel like complaining about a scratchy coat,

Day 21 – 30 Days of Thanks

Yesterday was a special holiday, and though we didn’t spend time in recognition yesterday, our family took a moment to celebrate it today. What holiday was this? Well, that is where today’s list will begin:

5 Things I’m Thankful for today:

1. National Ice Cream Day – really, I’m thankful for ice cream every day, but July 20 has this special designation. Mmmm, ice cream!

2 ice cream shops – today we visited a lovely, unique ice cream parlor, Oink’s Dutch Treats, where one special treat is a chocolate chip cookie bowl with scoops from their menu of a myriad of mouth-watering flavors (My favorite hometown cool treats are from Ivanhoe’s, of course. :)

3. small businesses – I love to see little spaces where people have set up beautiful, successful shops that cater to unique audiences! We discovered such a spot today, where myriads of colors and textures of yarns were sold, and our daughters excitedly sorted through the offerings. What a perfect place to spend “birthday money.”

4. sunsets over the lake – and a day like today with blue skies by day certainly allows for a stained glass look in the evening.

5. agenda-free time of rest – being able to enjoy a restful, unscheduled day to visit new places, read books, play games, chat with family… days like this are few and far between, and I am very thankful for them!

Day 20 – 30 Days of Thanks

Wow – two thirds of my thirty-day journey are past – it’s hard to believe! So today I’ll take the time to highlight five things that didn’t get mentioned yet, though there may have been days I wanted to. (I tend to go on and on and on, so it’s good for me to have that limited list of five each day.

5 things of thanks from various times – today or last week or last month, finally having their moment of recognition:

1. finishing a really good book – even if it makes me cry. I just finished The Book Thief   last week, and I wept at the end, but this was okay.

2. Mackinac Island - We had never been to Macinac Island before, the spot where my parents celebrated their honeymoon 49 years ago, so it was fun to visit for our 20th anniversary! Very beautiful, and “quaint” was the most accurate descriptor we could pinpoint. :)

3. scones – fresh ones made by my loving sister-in-law – yum!

4. extroverts and introverts -  Being more of an introvert myself, I am so thankful of the spectrum of personas that populate our lovely world!

5. electric lights -  This is so something that I take for granted daily; I appreciate the ability to light up a room with the flick of a switch! I know that those switches don’t magically cause the luminescence to emerge, but talented electricians have strung rubber-coated copper wires to complete a circuit and send a signal to a glass-enclosed bulb of some sort… rather cool, I must say.

Day 19 – 30 Days of Thanks

On a lovely, packed day like today, it can be hard to narrow down a list of any kind, but I’ll give it a try. :) So here is my attempt:

5 things of thanks today!

1. reliable transportation – when our family travels even a short distance, we continue to be blessed by a family minivan that gets us where we need to go… not to mention the driver! (a rather dashing fellow, if I do say so myself…)

2. audio books – particularly ones with talented readers! Our family has particularly enjoyed Harry Potter series, as read by Jim Dale. He does such a wonderful job portraying each of the character voices! 

3. fresh rhubarb pie – my brother lifts his nose and calls it “celery pie,” but I still find that there’s nothing quite like this special treat. Add a scoop of ice cream, and I’ll sometimes choose this rather than chocolate cake. Really!

4. watching the magic of crochet – I remain amazed that what starts as one large skein of yarn at 7:30 in the morning can be a sweater before 11. Em, you’re awesome!

5. adult siblings and their spouses – If you’d told me thirty years ago that I would love and appreciate my brothers, their wives and children this much, I’m sure an eye roll have been part of the response… and perhaps a bit of disbelief. But as time moves on, I certainly appreciate family all-the-more! (Even when they fail to appreciate good pie.)



Day 18 – 30 Days of Thanks

5 Things I’m thankful for today:

1. lists – Though I’m not always a “list person,” groceries each week make me appreciate these, and packing lists for a trip are quite valuable! When I remember to use these, I find that I forget so much less stuff. ;)

2. fresh green beans – especially ones we grow from seed in our own garden!

3. haircuts – a nice little trim can help refresh the frizz that is my hair. Hooray!

4. fresh, warm cookies – especially when baked by a daughter, who has learned to do this by herself!

5. an organized husband - who can pack a vehicle in such a classy fashion that Fed Ex could hire him to train delivery folks! :) 

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