One “appreciation month” isn’t enough!

A few weeks ago, I was reading a newsletter which told me that November was “Family Caregiver Appreciation Month.”  Searching for more information, though, I found that this is only official in Colorado, as the state’s governor issued a proclamation stating this official notification.  Search as I may, none of the other forty-nine states made such a statement of recognition, recognition of family members who give of their time, effort and livelihood to assist those unable to completely care for themselves.

I love Colorado, but even their governor missed a bit of the meaning of the term “family caregiver.”  His proclamation focused on senior citizens, a partnership between the young and old.  But a caregiver is often much more… in my life, my husband plays this role.  I have to be honest and say that I hate having to put him in this position, placing a burden on his shoulders.  He helps with dishes, cleaning, laundry – he parents amazingly, and he is also a wonderful husband.  And I’ll stop there, as whatever I say won’t be enough.

I am so thankful for my husband, for all of my friends and family who help fill this “caregiver” role.  So before November ends, I had to use this little blog podium to express my thanks and appreciation.  To my husband, parents and children – thank you so much – you are appreciated!!