and so it begins…

Well, last night was the first night of class, and I am almost twice the age of the other 14 or so students.  They didn’t act like it, though, and I can tell it is filled with “kindred spirits.”  After a student saw that an ice cream social was being set up right outside the building where our classroom was, the professor informed us all that we would obviously be taking another break.  (I had cookie dough ice cream.  This was a very happy thing.)  I seated myself on a nice little ledge, and another classmate came and joined me.  I asked her name, and after she answered, I asked her if it was spelled with a K or a C… and she perked right up, “K – Nobody ever asks that.”  So I smiled and responded, “Well, it matters, you know.”  Then we chatted about Anne of Green Gables.

But we did go back in, and I have five pages of notes (which are, of course, highlighted where needed…  I’m funny that way).  And I have a huge stack of handouts.  And another book – one for which I’ll turn in an official review in four weeks.  And detailed information about expectations for our assignments.

This week’s assignment?  Other than reading and preparing for a quiz, I get to prepare three devotionals, ones that can be published in a daily devotional.  These rough drafts will be presented to the class – I’ll have to be certain not to write things that make me cry, as I don’t do horribly well reading such things.  I do enjoy public speaking, though, so this will be fun!

So now, the decision: which topics to use?  I have jotted down beside me a list of several stories that could each be woven into a vignette that shares a scriptural truth.  Now the next step: DO it.  Just for fun, I’ll make a list here of the title/topics… a couple of these were posts on my previous blog, some are new, some would be a different twist on things.

So here is the list:
-Wild hemlock and Queen Anne’s lace
-Clay scraps and a pasta machine
-“Invisible” scars
-The poison ivy lesson
-Little yellow flowers
-Just call me ‘Grace’
-The bamboo flute

I think that #1 will be “The bamboo flute.”  If it’s ever published, I’ll let you know… it’s a fun story, and I even have the flute here.  Don’t know if I can still play it, but the story remains!

Author: Angie

I am a wife, a mother, a writer and a child of God. Since 1997, I've lived with multiple sclerosis, and I find that when life slows down, I am able to see more of the lessons that God has for me to learn.

5 thoughts on “and so it begins…”

  1. Great ideas, my friend!!! Looking forward to reading them. SO glad your class went well and ice cream, too…sounds perfect.

  2. I’m very pleased that you are off to a new challenge that will allow you to use your God-given talent of writing. I look forward to reading your devotionals and blogs. You are “special.”

  3. Your “Anne” references made me smile. My family has been listening to Anne of Green Gables on our car trips recently. We’re starting to use Anne-speech often in everyday life. 🙂

    1. Those who know me know that I am a HUGE fan of Anne and the other works of Lucy Maud Montgomery – there are so many wonderful lessons we can learn from Anne, Emily and other stories of Maud. (I travelled to PEI with my family two years ago, as islanders were celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the publication of Anne of Green Gables. An amazing experience for our family!)

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