30 Days of Thanks

…and a lifelong habit

When my mother was diagnosed with cancer last August, many of us were in shock, and we wished to assist her where we could.  But ultimately, her well-being was molded by her own decisions and state of mind.  Mom shared faith and encouragement to any with whom she interacted, and I found it fascinating that my mother, not known not known for her reading and writing habits, started a series of journal entries that has continued.  The cancer is gone, her hair is returning, energy is building back up, and I’ve seen her jot in the journal still now.

So what is she writing?  I’ve not read it, but she shared with our family what she was writing each day.  Her goal was to create a list of five things for which she was thankful.  Every day.  There may be overlap, she didn’t say, but this simple idea is something I’ve not concretely done.  At least not to the point I think I ought.

I’ve had a difficult time finding a good focus for my writing, but at the start of this month, I had a “V-8 moment”: you know, the commercial in which an individual slaps the forehead, exclaiming, “I shoulda had a V-8!”  This is normally a response to a time with decreased energy or gumption, indicating that the vitamin-rich vegetable juice would help enliven the body.

It’s been years since I’ve partaken of the said beverage, but my own head-slap slogan is, “I shoulda been thankful!”  So my personal challenge is to identify five things each day for which I am thankful.  For thirty days, I hope to post those online – and I would love to hear others’ thoughts also!  A conversation with my husband yesterday helped me realize just how blessed I am, for so many reasons.  I do take things for granted, and I’m likely not alone here.

So here goes:

Day 1: 5 Things Angie is thankful for

1. My husband: friend, lover, father, caregiver – an amazing fellow!
2. Air conditioning
3. The hummingbird feeder outside our window
4. Grandparents: this is the home where our daughters are now.
5. Electricity (for the AC, lights, this computer, and so much)

That was simple – those who know me realize that the most difficult part for me will likely be simplicity.  But I don’t plan to have a paragraph about each list item.  And so I unofficially kick off my 30+ days of thanks – join me!