Continuing to be thankful!

Day 2 – 5 Things for which Angie is thankful

1. Our country! I know it is far from perfect, but I am so thankful for this land and the freedom we experience. On July 4, that had to be #1, doncha think?
2. Andy Griffith. Yesterday marked the passing of this gentleman at age 86. I like the way the folks at Sourcefed describe his legacy – Matlock helped me pass the time while I was on bedrest in May 1999, and the characters he portrayed between his years as the sheriff of Mayberry to those of a southern defense attorney became cultural treasures. RIP, Andy!
3. Language. I love words and all things associated with them, and writing is just plain fun. You will notice that the title of my list changed… I just couldn’t bring myself to end the phrase with a preposition. “Things for which Angie is Thankful” sounds a little stuffy, so I may find a different phrase… “Angie’s Thankful Things”? Hmmmm. But language is fun!
4. Our daughters! Emily and Rachel are such a treasure, and it is a blessing to be their mother. I’m sure they’ll find ways to creep onto this list in the days to come, likely unintentionally.
5. Our God! As much as I love words, they are never enough to describe our Lord and Savior. I’ll try in days to come, though, as I think he just may grin at my feeble attempts. And for Him and his love I am indeed thankful!

28 to go – I plan to avoid duplication, though I know there will be overlap. I’m thankful for life, so how can there not be?