Thankfulness on Laundry Day

And here is day three – I am starting to take more notice of things I take for granted. I have barely scratched the surface so far, and each day gives a little more chance to chip away. Thanks for reading!

Thankful Things – Angie’s Five for Day 3

1. Washing machine – it’s “laundry day,” and I don’t have to scrub over a tub or in a river, but I can add soap, insert dirty clothes, close a door, and press a button. Water enters, and the clothes are washed – it’s really rather amazing when I think about it!
2. Dryer – I know that a clothes line is a valid way to dry clothes (when it isn’t cold or raining), but when family members are allergic to dust, pollen and other related bits, this appliance is incredibly appreciated.
3. Nearby friends – it was lovely to share lunch and cards with a friend who just moved back to town.
4. Farther-away friends – it is also lovely to touch base with friends who aren’t so near geographically. Funny how we can go for months, but it remains quite possible to pick up where we left off.
5. Our small town! As my husband and I enjoyed lunch yesterday at T.O.P.P.I.T. (The Only Pizza Place in Town), we were reminded of many of the reasons we have loved making this our home. To our daughters, this Indiana town IS home, and other places just aren’t quite like it. After living here for fifteen years, their parents are coming along also.