Thankful for meteorologists (really!)

I really am thankful for meteorologists, even when people don’t like the weather. The radio announcer let us know this morning that we’ll be approaching 102-104 degrees Fahrenheit, and if we’d feel better simplifying to Celsius, it will only be around 40 degrees. Or if we like Kelvin, he thinks that’s around 313 degrees. (Yes, it was an NPR announcer with his own brand of humor.) I’m still more comfortable using Fahrenheit… and doesn’t it sound dramatic to say it will be over a hundred degrees today? (This doesn’t mean I’ll be reveling in the heat… see item #1 of Day One of the Thirty Days of Thankfulness. The air conditioner retains a top spot.)

Here is today’s list:

Day 4: Angie’s five reasons to give thanks

1. Meteorologists – I am so thankful that I can know a bit of what to expect when it comes to weather, and I have meteorologists to thank for that. If there is going to be a heat wave, I’d rather know that no rain is coming today or tomorrow than blindly hope. And I’ll know that we need to water the trees and garden (preferably when it’s not 313 degrees K).
2. Unexpected encouragement – I’m still getting my mind around a compliment that came my way at lunch on Wednesday. An owner of our local pizza place had shared with me last month that he has MS, so when I saw him at the restaurant, I asked how he ia doing with the extreme heat this week. He shared that temperature doesn’t bother him nearly as much as some other triggers do, and he shared an example from a newspaper article a friend had mailed him while he was overseas. “It compared MS to an Ivanhoe’s shake…” and after my jaw mentally dropped, I replied, “I wrote that article. The ‘Ivanhoe’s Analogy’ is something I still use to try to describe MS to folks.” A good conversation ensued, but I’m still smiling as I realize that an article I wrote was quoted back to me by somebody who really liked it.
3. Colorado rain – I love the state of Colorado, and I was blessed to spend three summers working there while in college… the beauty and serenity of the landscape, the Rocky Mountain spirit, the majesty of God’s creation gained a special place in my heart. The wildfires that have been ravaging parts of the state have destroyed hundreds of homes and landscapes, but it was such a blessing to hear from a friend yesterday evening that rain had come! Perhaps some of the fires are completely quelled now… that won’t bring back what was lost, but maybe the firemen will finally be able to experience some much-deserved rest.
4. Dishwasher – I know this isn’t near the washing machine when it comes to the “usefulness/necessity” degree, but particularly with my own heat sensitivity and lack of coordination, the dishwasher is indeed a blessing. Especially when it is unloaded by our daughters, as it was this morning. (Thanks, girls!)
5. Our garden – I love our raised bed herb and vegetable garden! The girls and I harvested nine or ten bulbs of garlic yesterday morning, and it’s fun to watch things grow… more on that in days to come, but I’ll give general garden thanks at this time. Tomatoes, beans, peppers and okra are waiting!

What are you thankful for today?