Giving thanks during National Ice Cream Month

Today had so many reasons to give thanks – and with July as National Ice Cream month, how could it not be a good Saturday? I’ll try to be less detailed this time… I know I waxed wordy yesterday. So here goes:

Day Five – 5 reasons I’m thankful
1. Ice cream! And McDonald’s has chocolate dipped cones – yum!
2. First-Saturday-of–the-month sale at Goodwill – everything is 50% off!
3. In-laws – we shared a lovely evening together.
4. Audio books – they’re fun to listen to while we travel.
5. Family game night – even when I lose at Clue, Rummikub and Yahtzee, it’s fun. (I did win one round of Yahtzee, so we each really had a chance to win.) This is much more fun than a video game.

I hope you enjoyed a day of thanks also!