Habit of thanks

It’s a little hard to believe that this is the seventh day of my “30 days of thanks.” This is certainly becoming more of a habit, as well it should. In honor of the forming of the said “habit,” I plan to focus five things I’ve come to take for granted… a habit, I suppose. Some may be considered commonplace, but should they be?

Day 7: Angie’s five thankful thoughts

1. cell phones – two decades ago, would I have imagined that I could have a phone in my pocket that could be used to call anyone, anywhere? And that this would be the norm?
[This particularly fits the seventh day, as my loving husband was able to arrange the number —7777 for me, years ago when one could choose from a list of numbers available. He thought I’d be less likely to forget my number this way.]
2. literacy – I’m so thankful I can read. Not only do I have a card for our local library, but I am also blessed with personal shelves of books that have become friends in their own right.
3. running water – we can bathe, cook, clean, irrigate the garden, and even adjust the temperature.
4. music – that I can hear music, and that I can make it also. And that I can appreciate it along the way. (The girls’ piano teacher just shared a wonderful music happening – joyful, indeed!)
5. a working car – amazing indeed, thinking back less than a century. And a garage with more than one vehicle – we are rich indeed!