Normal Blessings

Day eight is here – and like yesterday, I keep thinking about what I’ve come to take for granted. If today is to be a “normal” day, what constitutes normal? What should? As I ponder briefly, I can’t help but look more deeply at my own daily journey. God sometimes uses a bit of a “jolt,” so it seems, to help me realize just how much He’s giving me each day. So below I’ll share another list, as I learn to embrace stillness and ponder. And pray.

Day 8: Angie’s five normal – or not-so-normal – reasons for thanks

1. tuna salad sandwiches – when I wasn’t feeling my best yesterday afternoon, my loving husband decided that we needed tuna salad sandwiches.  And he would make the said salad and toast the bread.  Then make the sandwiches, complete with fresh tomato.  (This is the best kind of sandwich, I think. Grilled cheese was the other option, if it had been chosen, THAT would have been the best type.)

2. laptop computer – I am thankful for THIS one, but I know that these are lifelines for many men and women in many ways. This one was a very treasured birthday gift.

3. legs that walk – this is certainly something I used to take for granted. On nights I awaken to numb or unresponsive limbs, it is frightening, and on days heat or fatigue strike them, I am also reminded of the gift I have. And that it can change.

4. glasses – they help my eyes distinguish letters, shapes, colors, movement, faces and expressions. Severe myopia (near-sightedness) continues, and I’m so thankful that specially molded plastic lenses can bend light so that what would have been an indistinguishable blur can be so much more.

5. fingers that move independently – they may not be super fast, but they can type. And pick things up. And pick out a melody on the piano.

I knew more “MS-sh” things would hit my lists sooner or later. But I think they’re also what woke me up to the need to express thanks…