Today’s thankful thoughts

As my “thankfulness journey” continues, I find myself planning ahead, anticipating what I can include the next day’s post. I know that every day is different, each is special, and how on earth am I to showcase appropriately? A daunting task, but, as I remind myself, the day’s choices aren’t the key.  Rather, it’s the journey of thanks that is. So what things am I experiencing right now that should elicit thankful thoughts?

Day 9 – Angie’s five thankful thoughts

1. zucchini – this abundant sign of summer produce can really be quite tasty, and we really enjoyed it last night!

the internet – in relation to the above, Other recipe websites have good vegetable prep ideas, but last night’s zucchini alfredo was fantastic. (if I do say so myself)

3. unexpected treasures – as I cleaned my nightstand this morning in search of a missing earring, I found a different pair of earrings, a dollar in change (quarters – hooray!) and a hair barrette. Didn’t yet find the other earring, but I’m sure I will.

4. celebration anticipation – T.R. and I celebrate our eighteenth anniversary next week, and we’ll be in different towns on that day, so TONIGHT we’re going to a favorite restaurant. And to a movie. Without children.  🙂

5. visit from Mom – I’m very blessed to have my mother (or Dad, when Mom cannot) visit each week to help with various “stuff.” Today, groceries are taken care of, so we’re cleaning out the fridge. After lunch, though, we plan to be “crafty” with polymer clay, one of the few areas where I can actually teach her. Maybe I’ll post pictures tomorrow.