Vacation Thanks

There’s nothing quite like vacation, time to step away from everyday life. For some, this may mean a visit to the tropics or a trip do Disneyworld, but for me, summer vacation is a week with family at a lake cottage in northern Indiana. The most special thing about this is that my parents, siblings, their spouses, nieces and nephews will all be under one roof. The tough part? Up to ten adults and eight children will all be under one roof. But I am so thankful for this opportunity.

Day 11 – Five family vacation reasons for thanks


1. togetherness – though all eighteen of us will not be there every day, we will have chances to interact with siblings, nieces and nephews that don’t often get chances to gather together.

2. games – we’ll have fun playing Euchre, pirate dice, Settlers of Catan, and various board games. Fun!

3. polymer clay – Mom and I decided to pack this to come to the lake, where I can play with clay with she, her daughters-in-law and her granddaughters. J

4. food – we all help, and I am only in charge of one meal for the week. Lovely indeed.

5. beautiful gift – this trip started as a Christmas gift a decade or so ago, and I am so thankful that Dad and Mom have continued this tradition. We love you, Dad and Mom, and I know that we’re all thankful!