Fun family blessings

While growing up, people would tell me how one day, my brothers would be my friends. And so would my parents. Though these were generally trustworthy people, I certainly had my doubts. They didn’t know my brothers. And my parents were…  my parents.

It has only taken time – lots of it – but folks were right. If it weren’t for special friendships among family members, a week like this wouldn’t be underway. As it is, I’m enjoying an afternoon with my husband, nephew, brothers and sisters-in-law… while the girls and grandparents swim on this hot, sunny day.

So here we have today’s list:

Day 12 – 5 things for which I am thankful today

1. cousins – not seeing my cousins as much as I would have liked while growing up, I love hearing my girls bantering with their cousins as they sing, bicker, play and make memories together.

2. windows – I’m talking more of metaphorical windows, a chance to peer into the world of loved ones as they grow up. A niece is 16 (!) now, another is 13 like our girls, two of our cherished girls are still younger, and my oldest nephew is certainly one of the “adults” now. I’m not even sure why I felt the need to enclose that in “” – he is an adult indeed. (This just means I feel “old.” And I will use the “” there.)  We also miss a nephew who isn’t here also (lest he read this and feel left out). 😉

3. others’ meals – with a sister-in-law who enjoys cooking, I am thankful that I can know tonight’s meal is to be a good one. (My turn isn’t until Tuesday.)

4. health – Mom’s cancer treatments ended in February, and with her current clean bill of health, we don’t have any major health struggles in our family at this time. A sinus infection has struck my loving husband, but antibiotics are helping there. Lots of thanks all around!

5. books – one thing we all have in common is a love of reading, and when electrical things are turned off and no games are in progress, we can be assured that books will emerge.

I hope you are all enjoying yourself this summer, whatever that may mean.