Thankful rewind

Fifteen days of thanks have come and gone. I still ponder what didn’t yet make a daily list, so for today’s five things, I think I’ll do just that: highlight blessings that haven’t yet been mentioned. I realize that I no longer use a tape player or VCR with a rewind button, but this is what I plan to do mentally. (A brain with scars can still do this – at least it can today.)

Day 15 – Five more reasons for Angie’s thanks

1. discount movie theaters – We don’t make it to the theater super often when new shows are there, so we enjoy seeing a flick on its second run. If we find out it’s no good, we only lost $3 a ticket, and if it’s wonderful, it brightens the day. When we saw Mirror, Mirror last week, it was the latter – what a fun movie!

2. Euler science building – T.R. took me on a personal tour of Taylor’s beautiful new science building – wow! As the person in charge of the technology of the building, T.R. has several grey hairs that could be named for the building. The hairs could be filed with the hours of lost sleep also. But the structure is lovely, and its future functions are mind-boggling.

3. utility workers – there have been times over the past month that our lights have flickered, and at least once the power went out for a bit of time. I know others lost power for days. We have electricity now, and I’m thankful for those who work to make this possible.

4. outlet malls – yesterday, Mom and I found two – yes, two! – pair of sandals that were made just for long, skinny feet. The fact that 9 ½ narrow is an unusual size can make it hard to find fitting footwear, but locating these there – and on sale – and having a coupon – made it a worthwhile trip. Hooray!

5. baptism – what a beautiful way to signify a commitment in a public manner – we are so proud of our daughters and rejoice with them! They were each baptized on July 1, so it wasn’t highlighted yet during this little thankfulness journey, but I don’t wish to overlook this very important life step. Thank you, Lord, for the sacrifice you made to help us be born again – in You!