Today’s everyday things of thanks

Still on vacation with family as I write this, I have been noticing little parts of life that I don’t normally even think about. Some things I see while being away from home – or others I notice anew due to the differences. This renewed cognizance is good for me, and I hope it doesn’t fade too much after my thirty-day journey.

Day 16 – Five “everyday” things for which I am thankful

1. hot showers – or at least showers where I can control the temperature.

2. oven that heats as it ought – I certainly take for granted an oven that turns to the temp it says. A cold oven doesn’t bake very effectively.

3. sharing a bed with my husband each night – I’ve missed this during the few days he had to go back home, and it just doesn’t quite seem right without him.

4. polite children – our daughters – and their cousins – are generally well-behaved, and I appreciate that even more when I see other children whose public persona sits in stark contrast.

5. ice cream sandwiches – on a hot day, these bits of chocolate-sanwiched vanilla ice cream goodness are like nothing else. They bring my thoughts back to childhood – and what a lovely celebration of National Ice Cream Month!