Many thanks

Today was a lovely, albeit bittersweet, day – with so much to be thankful for!

Day 18 – much to be thankful for today!

…and here are five of them:

1. my parents – there are too many things here to list in one little bullet point, but today I’ll share thanks for their love and dedication to building family ties through the years. The annual family week together gives parents, siblings, nieces, nephews and young cousins treasured opportunities to make memories together.  Thank you, Dad and Mom!

2. home – one of the loveliest things about vacation is coming home – there’s no place like it, you know.

3. answered prayer – after we returned home, I realized that I was missing a small, special item. I searched, my family searched, I retraced my steps and made phone calls. At supper, we prayed for an answer and peace… and while we were eating, I suddenly recalled a possible location, even though our unpacking had been completed.

4. my new ipod – I have only had it for two weeks, and it was nice to use this vacation week  And it was extra nice to find it after thinking it had been left somewhere else. More than a hundred miles away. (It had been zipped into a small bag in my suitcase, just to make sure it wasn’t left behind.)

5. a daughter who cooks – with tired parents, it was so nice to have a daughter who scrambled eggs for our supper. – thanks, Em!