More of the not so “everyday” everyday thanks

After nineteen days, it has been fun to personally highlight the special things that lead to a “thank you” (or to bring to mind things that *should* elicit thankful thoughts). Being away for a bit helped me to recognize bits of my smalltown life that are indeed special. As I mention these, I am also reminded that this is my own journey of thanks, and I hope any readers who stumble this way can use these as reminders of life’s oft-ignored blessings.

Day 19 – 5 things of thanks today

1. Ivanhoe’s – a trip to the much-loved local eatery was a great treat on this hot summer day. I had never had chocolate covered pretzel ice cream – it was nice. (It’s still National Ice Cream Month, you know.)

2. unplanned mini-reunions – as we walked into Ivanhoe’s, a place where we often cross paths with local friends, I was very pleasantly surprised to see a cousin and friend who I’ve not seen for more than five years! Jen was just leaving, and we were just walking in the door, but it was so nice to see her beautiful smile and exchange a few words. Our daughters were in Kindergarten when Jen and her family moved – it was so lovely to cross paths, if only for a few minutes.

3. sleeping in – it is nice to sleep a little late, especially after a longish day of travel, unpacking and laundry.

4. creative children – as her parents clean out sock drawers, one daughter is thrilled, as she uses the new socks to make “sock monsters.” Her sister enjoys knotting embroidery floss to make friendship bracelets – fun stuff!

5. new plates – we love our Corelle plates – and after eighteen years, our “wedding gift” set had started showing its age. We are also, so though we won’t replace each other, we thought this would be a fun anniversary purchase – and we were right. The new set even matches our décor – we can even act like this was on purpose.

So what bits of life are you thankful for today?