Sabbath thanks

After last Sunday’s study of resting and “Sabbath,” it was indeed lovely to have a day of practice in this area. So today’s five thankful things were all bits and pieces that helped our “day of rest” truly be a time of removal from the norm, moments to rest and reflect.

Day 20 – 5 things of thanks

1. worship – I love being able to join with other members of our church fellowship on Sunday mornings.

2. Pastor Mark – I am thankful for the time, prayer and reflection he puts into his weekly messages and his leadership of our congregation. (And we’re thankful for you, too, Dianne!)

3. new school supplies – I love the newness of fresh supplies, just waiting for coming adventures. Sales start on Sunday, so this afternoon was a fun time together, before the rush hits.

4. sharpie markers – these are wonderful for labeling everything from food to folders – and ours have become tired, so I am so thankful for a renewed collection. School supply sales are good for me also!

fresh pancakes – hot and fluffy, these are a delightful meal any time of the day.

So what blessings have your day held?