Thanks for Monday’s promises

Mondays can certainly be disheartening; at least this is the case in stories, songs and such. But really, this needn’t be the case. Monday, you see, marks a new start. A fresh beginning. Sunday kicks off the week, helping us each glean the energy to make the week work. Monday’s clean slate can be overwhelming or it can be encouraging: I choose the latter. So what is there to be thankful for on this Monday?

Day 21: 5 pieces of Monday thanks

1. summer break for my girls – they have three weeks before school starts, and it’s fun to enjoy time together, even when it isn’t overtly “fun.”

2. growing daughters on Facebook – it is a joy to watch these “baby steps” into the world of social networking, and I have little doubt that they’ll hurdle past Mommy quite soon. But their parents are indeed part of this journey of our 13-year-old girls.

3. fresh garden tomatoes – we just picked more than a dozen heirloom cherry tomatoes, and a few other garden bits also. (Many thanks to my loving husband who waters the garden frequently – he likes fresh tomatoes also.)

4. lists – it’s nice to be able to check things off of them and feel that I’ve accomplished something at the end of the day. I may not quite share my husband’s love of such things, but I am thankful for this concrete way to keep tasks straight.

5. “Percher” and “Floater” – these two hummingbirds frequent the feeder attached to our window, where they started coming last May. Since their return this year, it has been fun to see them each take moments to stop on our area trees. If we watch closely, we notice where they’re sitting, but being the size of a leaf, they can usually blend right in. Now if these birds could chat with me, they would likely be irritated that they have to share a sentence, as they do not coexist happily, but each chases the other away when necessary… what a story there must be here. I wonder where their nests are?