Many Monday thanks

This Monday is certainly different from the last, but there are also distinct similarities. Like every Monday, this day holds potential. We do anticipate a few special events, but as we found, the unanticipated will happen. Sometimes surprises bring joy, sometimes tears, often frustration, but also relief. And adventure and rest… the only prediction I can make now is that the week ahead will hold a combination of these. And I know I am not alone, as the Lord is with me.

Like every day – even Monday – there are certainly things for which we can be thankful. Today was a very nontypical day, and as such, there were certainly more than five “things of thanks.” On this day of both tears and rejoicing, it’s hard to know where to start…

Day 28 – 5 things of thanks

1. newly forged family relationships – in the midst of the sorrow that came from an unanticipated loss, there has been sweetness in ties that have been rekindled. Our daughters have especially had the opportunity to get to know relatives we rarely see.

message of grace and healing – we were so thankful for the message of grace and forgiveness that was able to be shared on what was perceived as a day of loss. Many thanks to pastor Chris Neel.

3. strength under pressure – I am so thankful for the answered prayers as my husband spoke at his father’s funeral ceremony. The words he shared and strength that flowed helped not just friends but extended family as they accept the loss of this beloved father and husband.

rhubarb pie a la mode – after the funeral, my wise mother-in-law took us to an area restaurant to have pie… I love rhubarb pie!

5. pizza delivery – on an evening of physical and emotional exhaustion, this was such a treat… and knowing that we had a coupon that expired after tonight made it all the better.