P.A.D. Day 1

April is “National Poetry Month,” so I have taken the PAD (Poem a Day) challenge. The blog “Poetry Asides,” published through Writers’ Digest, offers ideas for prompts each day. And the writer, Robert Lee Brewer, is quick to state that the purpose of this challenge is to get people to write poetry, not to create perfect works. So without additional fanfare, I’ll share today’s poem. I may or may not post future days’ poetry, but I’ll share at least a few times a week this month.

P.A.D. – Day 1: arrival poem

Spring 2013

Sometimes it is announced,
sometimes unplanned,
sometimes it tarries –
it arrives as it likes.

The calendar says, “Spring,”
so I plan accordingly.
Wardrobe change, garden planting,
things that push Winter to the past.

But then I see it.
A single snowflake flutters down.
No! This can’t be!
Easter came, sunrise crept forward, Spring is here.

The calendar names the season,
but the grass remains brown.
Is Winter this determined?
Can it not let its frosty tendrils loosen?

I listen, though, and I hear an answer.
I am not alone, as the songbirds announce their opinion
and the spring peepers voice their awakening.
Goodbye, Winter – off you go.