Everybody —

As National Poetry Month came to a close on Tuesday, I openly admit that I didn’t write a new poem every day. (That is a goal for next April!) I did spend a bit of time every day, though, doing SOMETHING poetry-related, and I have more than twenty new poems. Several will certainly remain in a digital folder to collect “digital dust.” A few made me laugh, some led me to deeper contemplation, and after my writing group encouraged me a couple of weeks ago, I even mailed one to The Saturday Evening Post to consider for publication in the humorous “post scripts” section. (It was a verse in a Shel Silverstein type of style about how to avoid falling, and if it is published anywhere, I’ll share it on my blog, but not before, as it needs to remain “previously unpublished. 🙂 )

Each day of National Poetry Month, the “poetic asides” blog offered a prompt to get me started. Often, this was very helpful in directing me. Sometimes, though, it made my mind travel in so many directions that it wouldn’t settle. (Think “hummingbird.”) One such prompt was the “everybody” one. Everybody ____ (fill in the blank.) It sounded to me like the title of a picture book, so I tried a rhyming type of verse… about eight lines into it, I was not sold. So I went thematic, but there were so many possible directions… this was a day we were traveling, so my writing was with pen and paper, and I decided to be simple and positive.

Made my list of verbs that “everybody” does. Everybody sleeps, eats, laughs, cries, plays, hurts… and everybody dreams. (I know that everybody isn’t monosyllabic, but one that day, they apparently were.) So my “everybody” poem was one of my simplest, and I’ll share here my “Everybody Haiku.”

Everybody dreams,
but everyone doesn’t hope…
maybe they can learn.

(And this haiku is dedicated to our 24 mentors, students and prayer partners in the Eastbrook South/UCC Kids Hope USA partnership!)