Day 1 – 30 Days of Thanks, 2013

A year ago tomorrow, I decided that giving thanks needed to become more intentional. The “thirty days of thanks” in July 2012 did indeed become more of a habit, and I would like to reinvigorate my intentions. (You can read of their start here.) So here is the official launch:

30 Days of Thanks, 2013 – 5 things for which I am thankful today

1. Rain – after last year’s drought, it is such a joy to see green grass and tall, strong stalks of corn!
2. Fresh lettuce – it was such a joy to pick out seeds from a catalog in January, order them while planning, then plant two small rows of lettuce in May… then thin them in early June, and harvest the heads in late June. To enjoy a gourmet salad of fresh greens and garlic scapes from our very own garden was well worth the wait.
3. Cousins – what a blessing to see my cousins Pam and Carolyn last Friday! The three of us live in different states and haven’t been together for… we weren’t sure… three years? Four? All three of us are now mothers, and we had the chance to chat and share for a bit. We all have teenage daughters… enough said.
4. Cooler air – last July had crazy hot temperatures, but today’s air temperature was in the 70’s. (I think around 22 Celsius, so that my Canadian friends don’t feel disenfranchised.) With MS, heat is “my kryptonite,” and I am certainly thankful for time I can enjoy bits of the natural world around me.
5. Wonderful husband – friend, father, lover, caregiver, mower of lawn (which grows a lot more when the rain keeps coming). I will try not to duplicate my “thankful things” during these thirty days, but I know this will be an exception in the days to come.

So please join me on this journey of thankfulness! What are you thankful for today?