Day 2 – 30 Days of thanks, 2013

5 things that deserve thanks on this summer day

1. Hot (or luke warm) water – As I took a shower this morning, I realized how thankful I am that we’re not just blessed with running water, but we can turn a dial and alter the temperature!

2. Yesterday’s theatre in today’s world – The Eagle’s Theatre in Wabash was where I saw movies during my younger years, and I’m thrilled that this former vaudeville theatre is open again. It was fun to watch a movie with my parents and children! (And tickets are only $5, $3 for matinee.)

 3. New instruments – I’m enjoying watching and listening as my daughter learns to play acoustic guitar. I sold mine a decade ago when my left hand refused to cooperate any more, and my heart is happy to see Em following this path.

4. Family creativity – two days in a row, I’ve worn a t-shirt that was designed by my older brother. Today’s is one he created after Thanksgiving: “Leftovers – Food of the Future.”

5. My lovely, irreplaceable, generous, talented parents – that string of adjectives barely scratches the surface when it comes to Dad and Mom. Specifics could fill all five of today’s slots, in fact. I love you, Mom and Dad!