Day 3 – Thirty Days of thanks

Today, July 4, has so many reasons to proclaim thankfulness from the rooftops. I was reminded of this as I listened to the morning news, telling of Egypt, where citizens, who held their first democratic election one year ago, ousted their leader. And this brings me to today’s #1 reason for thankfulness:

5 thankful things on Independence Day 2013

1. Our Nation’a Forefathers – I’m thankful for those who traveled to this land more than two hundred years ago and those who wrote our Constitution, and who looked to our Father in heaven for guidance. They led a revolution, and we’re at peace and able to celebration this today.

2. Those who serve our nation now – and veterans of past wars – I can’t help but think of my father… Vietnam was before my birth, but his experience there became part of who he was, and therefore, who his children grew up to become.

3. Beautiful displays of fireworks – what a lovely and memorable way to celebrate. We’re especially thankful for neighbors who put together a professional-grade show in their backyard (and therefore next to our backyard) each year. This year’s was particularly stunning!

4. Barbecued pork chops –  yes, hamburgers are tasty, but T.R.’s pork chops on the grill are quite wonderful. And a fun way to have a personal celebration of freedom… maybe not for the pig, but quite nice for us.

5. Freedom – to worship our God, to say what we think, to disagree with those in power but still live as a nation. And the freedom to make mistakes, but still be able to return to the loving embrace of our Father.