Day 5 – Thirty days of thanks, 2013

Today’s Five thankful things – Goodwill and beyond!

1. First Saturday Sale – today was the first Saturday of the month, which at our home means a special trip to our area Goodwill store, where everything is 50% off. Plus another ten percent with a “rewards” card. Like chocolate milk, this is also a family tradition, one we enjoy.

2. July = Ice Cream Month – Apparently, Ronald Reagan made an official declaration during his presidency – July is indeed “ice cream month.” Nice.

3, McDonald’s dipped cones – during Ice Cream month, McDonald’s has a sale on their cones, even the chocolate dipped ones. A fun summer treat after visiting the “first Saturday sale”! 🙂

4. Family game night – we have several favorite family games, such as Settlers of Catan, Fluxx, Dixit, and Ziggity, but the most recent one we played (and I lost) was Dr. Who Monopoly. Fun for all!

5. the Internet – it’s hard to remember times when I couldn’t log into a computer to send a message or research an answer or find a picture or listen to a new song… it’s still fascinating to experience all of the roads that have been opened by the World Wide Web!

And this blog would certainly not be here if not for this technological bundle of miracles, would it?