Day 6 – Five Thankful things

So why are we thankful today? Lots of reasons, but let me count five:

1. UCC’s Equipping Center – Today marked the groundbreaking for our church’s new building. This isn’t just any addition, but an “equipping center” that will be a resource for our church and community. How exciting! 

2. church carry-ins – When many good cooks bringing tasty treats, it’s hard to go wrong – Mmmm!

3. Sunday afternoon nap – This is restful in a special way that other naps simply don’t match… don’t ask me why, but that is often the way it is.

4. A day without rain – Following a day of almost constant rain (wonderful after a year of drought), the cloudiness without rainfall was a welcome gift as church members stood on the painted outline of the future structure.

5. Rhubarb cookies – the recipe that Em and I made this weekend gave us a fun way to use the first rhubarb harvest of our garden. They’re tasty, and the sweet/sour flavor was mild enough that even those who were less fond of the seasonal treat asked for more.