Day 7 – 30 Days of Thanks, 2013

5 things of thanks on this beautiful summer day

1. Sleeping in – I do try awakening with my husband on summer mornings, but it is a special blessing when he encourages me to catch a bit of extra rest. Thank you, Sweetie!

2. Empathy – and when the first thing I saw on Facebook after I had awakened was a post about “trying on MS,” it made me feel… understood a bit. I love you, T.R.!

3. lunch with Dad – the girls and I had a lovely lunch with Dad at Ivanhoe’s. Thanks so much for the time and help you share with us, Dad – we love you!

4. washing machine – I said it last summer, and I’ll say it again – I am so blessed to have an electric washing machine that does the spinning and soaping and rinsing… then by the dryer that makes it so our clothing can dry when it’s raining (or dusty or pollen-rich) outside. I can only imagine my grandmother’s weekly washing, particularly living on a dairy farm.

5. Daughters who serve – I don’t tell them enough – I am so blessed by our girls who go out of their way to complete their chores and help Mommy’s weaknesses be overshadowed. I realize it’s normal for teenage girls to gripe a bit when doing the “dirty work,” and they don’t take exception there. But both girls do a lot to help at home and to serve others outside the home. I love you, Em and Rach!