Day 8 – Thirty Days of Thanks

On this beautiful day of butterflies, banks and banter, there were many things to be thankful for! So here were five very clear ones.

5 things of thanks

1. Butterflies – our daughters traveled with Grandma Connie to the butterfly house at White River State Park – they were so excited, and pictures and descriptions tell me they had a very special butterfly-laden experience today. Butterflies were a part of many special summer experiences of mine when I was my daughters’ age, and I’m so glad they are able to have this special time today!

2. Grandparents – knowing that our girls could visit butterflies with Grandma in the morning and race cars with Grandpa in the evening makes me smile. I’m thankful for you, Connie and Dave!

3. Smalltown banks – as we went to open a new account at the other bank in our town this morning, I was reminded how much I enjoy living in a more rural community. The friendliness and assistance we received were truly special.

4. Seafood – inland-dwellers like ourselves don’t have a lot of opportunities to enjoy seafood, but as we anticipate next year’s big anniversary trip to Prince Edward Island, we decided to celebrate our 19th by using our Red Lobster coupon. Mmmmm…

5. Streaming movies – there are so many movies we’ve never seen that we decided to find one through Amazon Prime… “Impromptu” with Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Mandy Patinkin and many other was fun to see. Once. But we enjoyed it… and I’ll be listening to some Chopin tomorrow. 🙂