Day 11 – Thirty Days of Thanks

For most of my life (38 years, in fact), July 12 has been a special day. So below, I’ll explain why:

The July 12 gift: 5 things of thanks

1. first blueberry-picking experience – Because our mother was in the hospital, my brother Chris and I went blueberry-picking with Aunt Chrisann around July 12. I was only three and a half years told, but the way life has progressed, it happens that this was the only such experience I’ve ever had. And I do so love fresh blueberries!

2. being a middle child – I have found through the years that “middle child” isn’t a bad place to be. And when you’re the only girl, there are certainly bonuses. 🙂 (At least my brothers always thought there must be.)

3. brotherly love – when my “little” brother was born thirty-eight years ago, I wasn’t so certain this was a good thing, but it didn’t take horribly long to find that my younger brother was to become more than a sibling, but a friend, confidant, and comfort during tough times.

4. childhood partner in exploration – I’m sure I’d never have used the seemingly giant vine swing in the woods if I’d been alone – the swing needed pushed, didn’t it? And how would we see inside the hollow tree if somebody didn’t climb in, with the other watching from the outside in case something evil lurked within? And who else would appreciate my discovery of the single yellow trillium that hid within the “red trillium garden,” coming up at the same spot each year?

5. two sweet nieces, and a wonderful, witty sister-in-law – though the said sister-in-law regularly pummels me at “Words with Friends,” I so love and appreciate these special ladies in my brother’s life.

But most of all, I love YOU, Matt! And I am so proud of the delightful, charming, talented, responsible man I get to call my brother. Happy Birthday!