Day 13– Thirty Days of Thanks

Today’s five things of thanks- hair, cheese, coffee and such

1. Tangle-free hair – I’m still getting used to shorter hair, and though my first instinct was to wish less had been trimmed, I am certainly thankful to have less tangles.

2. Hair that grows – After Mom dealt with almost a year without hair (chemotherapy had done a nice job of eliminating her headful of hair for a season), I have a new appreciation for locks of any kind. I am thankful for my own, natural hair, and it is so nice to know that my own tresses will grow back after a cut of any time.

3. Aunts and grandparents – On a warm summer day, it makes me smile to see that my daughters can enjoy water and weather with others we love. Rather than being frustrated by what I cannot do, I am challenged and blessed as I recognize ways that special family members can help make special memories with the girls.

4. Squeaky cheese – A favorite farmers’ market treat is “squeaky cheese,” fresh cheese curds that are fun to much on when we have a special chance.

5. Friendly disagreement – right now, the friendly disagreement is about my dislike of coffee. So others can enjoy their beverages of choice, but it really is fine if I sip a glass of lemonade. Goodness, it’s hot outside – why would I need a steamy drink?