Day 15 – Thirty Days of Thanks

Day fifteen of the “thirty days of thanks” journey is a very special one. You see, July 16, 2013 marks the nineteenth anniversary of the day that T.R. and I began our life’s adventure as husband and wife. Today’s theme song comes from Andrew Peterson: “Dancing in the Minefields” is my very favorite anniversary song.  Though there are far more than five thankful things today, below I’ll follow the theme and narrow it down.

5 things of thanks after nineteen years:

1. Cinematic and musical adventure – We both enjoy music and movies, and it has been great fun to learn to appreciate new things… or sometimes to mock them together. 🙂

2. Hidden chef – T.R. makes amazing omelets, but he has expanded beyond breakfast. He truly enjoys trying new recipes and testing different methods. His dark chocolate layer cake is incredibly fabulous! 

3. Fastest diaper-changer in the Midwest – From the time our girls were born in June 1999, T.R. has been a very hands-on Daddy. From changing diapers to chaperoning field trips and making teenage boys shake in their boots. (The girls can’t date until they’re sixteen, and young boys who have been informed of this fact fear crossing their father. He’s thrilled with that.)

4. Expert pusher – I can indeed express thanks for “being pushed around.” T.R. does a great job not just carting a wheelchair around for use when traversing shopping malls, museums and such, but maneuvering it quite expertly. A man of many talents indeed

5. T.R. continues to love me – When chronic illness entered the picture in June 1997, T.R. and I started the journey of dealing with multiple sclerosis. Of course the preliminary diagnosis didn’t bring too much baggage, but as it has progressed in unpredictable ways, he has stood by and supported me. He is a wonderful man in many ways, and this can be seen more each day by those who glimpse Knight family life.

Wishing a wonderful anniversary to my “Knight in faded denim” – I love you, T.R.!