Day 18 – Thirty Days of Thanks

Today’s five things of thanks

1. the beach – Even though I’m not going to be visiting to splash, build sand castles and lay out on a towel to toast, (see yesterday’s note about heat), beaches are beautiful. Sunsets and sunrises both have an added glow when being viewed along a beach. (and I did get to view a sunset there earlier this week – a thing of beauty indeed!)

2. ordering pizza – Though my favorite pizza parlor is in our own small town, I love the fact that one can travel to various locations around the country and order tasty food that is enjoyable by friends and family of different ages and stages.

3. dishwashers – It is so nice to be able to organize dirty dishes, add soap, and press a button… and the dishes are clean after a period of time. How lovely!

4. thoughtful aunts – my sister-in-law put together wonderful packages for each of our girls. One has now learned to crochet, and her sister is now using a fun beading loom that was demonstrated by her cousin and aunt. Both girls are having a nice time with these unique new crafts. Thanks, Suz! 🙂

5. a cane that folds – I really do value my folding cane, as I can get it packed under a chair, somewhat out of the way. Then it unfolds quite nicely, maintaining necessary sturdiness. I am indeed thankful for this bit of mobility assistance!