Day 19 – Thirty Days of Thanks

Today’s five things of thanks

1. Home – After time away, no matter how special or enjoyable that time may have been, Dorothy was indeed correct as she clicked together her ruby slippers: there’s no place like home. 🙂

2. Reaching beyond Ivanhoe’s – We are sometimes spoiled living just a few blocks from Ivanhoe’s, but we had the treat of visiting Oink’s Ice Cream and Yogurt for the first time. With the amazing array of flavors, two dips inside of a fresh chocolate chip cookie bowl were an unexpectedly delightful treat!

3. cherry tomatoes picked for immediate munching – I’m remembering now why I like tomatoes so much – there is just nothing like the fruit fresh from the vine! (You can call it a veggie if you wish – I can go either way. But it’s tasting more fruity to me today. The fruit/vegetable argument is a fun one.)

4. The Chronicles of NarniaThis series of seven books by C.S. Lewis  remains among my very favorites, and if you were to peg me down and ask which I prefer most, I’d have to choose the seventh, The Last Battle. ONLY if you’ve read the other six first, though. We listed to the radio retelling of this story on our way back from our trip today, and I recalled why I treasure it so much.

5. La-z-boy chair – My own la-z-boy recliner something I treasure more than I realized. After a week of sitting in various seats, return to my own very comfy chair is a piece of “home” that is welcome indeed.