Day 21 – Thirty Days of Thanks

Today’s 5 thankful things

1. Finishing another book! – I enjoy reading, but finishing two leisurely books in one week is a rare treat for me these days! (Earlier in the month, there are two more I read, but they were YA literature, so they were speedier reads.)

2. flower gardens – the “flower patch” that Em planted in our garden attracts more hummingbirds than our little feeder, and it is such a joy to watch the dance that ensues as they flit from flower to flower! Frequently, we’ve seen two hummers fighting for use of our little glass feeder, but Emily’s flowers now allow  them to sip simultaneously without altercation.

3. girl bonding time – the few hours my daughters and I spend together at home, these few weeks before school starts, offer fun time for us to watch fun shows, chat, finish crafts, or… well, you’ll never know. Some things don’t have to be explained. 😉

4. an organized husband – …who can attack a cluttered linen closet and help it make sense again. Thank you, Sweetie!

5. bookshelves – How blessed we are to not only have lovely shelves in our home, but scads of books to place on them. And knowing that most every book there is special in its own way makes this even more meaningful!