Day 22 – Thirty Days of Thanks

Today’s Five Thankful Things

1. U. S. Postal Service – I asked the question, “What are you thankful for?” on Facebook yesterday, and my cousin Jan responded with something I take for granted too often. The postal service delivers letters, magazines and packages to a box beside our driveway. I have to remember that email isn’t everything, and non-electronic communication is prescious.

2. Vanilla ice cream – during this National Ice Cream month, there have been all sorts of ice cream theme days. Today was “Vanilla Ice Cream Day,” and even though I enjoy the many flavors boasted by Ivanhoe’s or Oink’s, the elegant simplicity of vanilla has its own special place.

3. Fresh okra – we just harvested our first okra pod this evening, and I look forward to enjoying it tomorrow with lunch.  I hadn’t thought of munching uncooked okra before a friend mentioned this last year, and I have found them to be a great, unexpected summer treat for munching.

4. – With this season of fresh vegetables of so many kinds, I this is one of my favorite spots to find new recipes. Tonight’s “zucchini alfredo” has become a seasonal favorite.

5.  prayer! – I have a close friend with levels of struggles right now. Knowing that we have a Lord who loves us, cares for us, and hears us when we call is beyond comprehension, and it certainly requires more than thirty days of thanks.