Day 23 – 30 Days of Thanks

Today’s Five Thankful Things

1. ­MRI machines – Before Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines, it was quite difficult for doctors to arrive at diagnoses involving the brain in particular. But loud, spinning magnets around a large tube can use magnetic power to create images, like an x-ray of soft tissue. It’s really quite amazing!

2. happy news – Unlike my first MRI (May 1997), when I had to wait about three weeks to hear results, I heard from the neurologist just a few hours after morning time in the noisy tube. And there are no new, active scars in the brain today… which means it appears my new medication is working. Take that, MS!

3. boundless prayer – While lying completely still in a large, noisy tube for close to an hour, there have been times that I’ve had different mental games I would play with stories, music lyrics and such. (This was my seventeenth or eighteenth such scan since May 1997.) But I realized during a February scan that this time was perfect for prayer. Today, I entered the tube with an agenda. I may have been quite confined, but God knows no bounds, and He could hear my prayers. And I know He still is!

4. triple berry shakes – On the way home from the oh-so-thrilling MRI time, my wise and loving husband stopped by Arby’s for shakes. The “triple berry” is quite superb – I highly recommend it! 🙂

5. anticipation – I have loved feeling my daughters’ anticipation, as they are excited to not just visit one  of their favorite stores tomorrow, but to purchase yarn for a first-ever knitting project. Then to receive the first knitting lesson from Grandma. (It’s one thing to learn from a book, but another to learn from a person, my daughter shared this afternoon. A book can’t tell you what you’re doing wrong, you know. So true! (The non-needlework daughter is thrilled to purchase new beads for her new loom. And it’s all on sale!)