Day 24 – 30 Days of Thanks

Today’s five thankful things

1. family – I was reminded how special family is when my sister-in-law Alicia mentioned what happened one year ago today. That was the day we received a call about T.R.’s father falling asleep for the last time… and our own families and friends were so important during this special time of love, comfort and support.

2. Mom – A very, very special family member, Mom gave the gifts of time, love and organization today in several ways. My daughters received special blessing from Grandma, too! Not very many Grandmas could enter teens’ closets, help clean, and come out alive. And smiling. 🙂 Love you, Mom!

3. unintentional duets – At first, when our daughters started practicing their instruments (clarinet and sax) at the same time this evening, I feared cacophony. But even though they weren’t playing the same songs, they were playing in the same key, and there were moments they almost had a duet going. And they were both in tune. (in separate rooms, but our walls are far from soundproof.)

4. Oreo shake – If Arby’s was to get credit for yesterday’s triple berry wonder, Burger King’s Oreo shake can’t be forgotten. What a lovely part of today’s lunch – thanks, Mom!

5. uncharacteristically cool July day – It is so lovely to have windows open as we enjoy a nice July day… in the 70’s! I am indeed thankful for days like today.