Day 25 – Thirty Days of Thanks

Today’s five thankful things (brought to you by the letter “P”):

1. paint – I’m glad that new paint can freshen up a place, breathing new life into a bit of wall. (or a door!)

2. painter – a kind, talented gentleman painted spots in our home, and he did such a professional job in so many ways. I’m thankful for him, but also for the many who do this time-intensive type of work… it does add new life to a space or structure!

3. pleasant weather – so glad it wasn’t too hot, cold or rainy for a day of painting, some of which was outside. And windows could be opened for the necessary breeze… ah, lovely.

4. patience – My loving husband has had a day when he had to be very patient with yours truly (and many other bits of stuff!). I’m quite thankful for patience and love he’s shown.

5. pizza! – since we’re waiting for paint to completely dry, pizza is the plan. I usually make homemade pizza on Friday nights, but tonight we’ll splurge. 🙂

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