Day 26 – 30 Days of Thanks

Today’s five thankful things:

1. the natural world – My family got to take a nature hike this morning, learning about edible (and non-edible) plants around us. God’s creation is amazing!

2. used books – Other family members spent time visiting a large used bookstore while I started a used copy of Ender’s Game – used bookstores are awesome!

3. refrigerator – I’m thankful that our electric refrigerator can keep gallons of milk, freshly picked berries, cheese, meat and more fresh and cool for our consumption – It’s hard to imagine life without this convenience we take so for granted.

4. freezer – It would be hard to celebrate “National Ice Cream Month” if it weren’t for this truly amazing taken-for-granted technology! The freezer is wonderful for more than ice cream, isn’t it?

5. walker – I mentioned my fold-up cane earlier this month, but recently, a walker has been very helpful in getting around independently without kissing the floor. (Carpet isn’t very tasty, nor is concrete. Or pavement.) So though it’s not “cool” and makes me appear a few decades older, I am indeed thankful for this mobility aide that helps make life safer.