Day 27- Thirty Day of Thanks

Today’s five thankful things:

1. The love of God – it is still hard to conceive the fact that the God of the Universe loves me… and I can’t “earn” (and certainly don’t deserve) such love, but I can offer my own adoration. He’s used to my clumsy attempts, but I think He’s okay with that. …I like the phrases Rich Mullins used when he described “the wreckless, raging fury that they call the love of God.” There is indeed a wideness in God’s mercy!

2. sweet music – a beautiful mother/daughter/daughter violin trio (made a quartet by the father’s guitar accompaniment) offered a sweet, pastoral interlude to this morning’s service. Truly beautiful!

3. beauty of alto voices – Often solo voices we celebrate are powerful sopranos, but as we were chatting tonight, we mentioned Cher (very strong alto!), who has had a number one song on the charts each of the past six(!) decades. I then thought of my own favorite artist when I was our daughters’ age, Amy Grant. But T.R. then mentioned Annie Lennox, whose recent solo from the end of The Return of the King won a well-deserved Oscar (for original song that was part of the movie).

4. orange juice – how lovely that we can mix the juice from concentrate. …yes, it’s a very special treat when it’s fresh, but the amazing thing is that this is a part of my breakfast each day. And I live nowhere near an orange grove.

5. grocery stores – the variety of good available in such stores is truly amazing. Walking through the aisles, we can see bits of the goodness that God has created for us to enjoy. So many things I take for granted!