Day 29 – Thirty Days of Thanks

Today’s five thankful things

1. healthcare workers – doctors, nurses, and the support staff that makes a medical office run… so appreciated! Doctors and nurses are valued greatly (!!), but there are so many others who make this work. (The thankless job of the person who helps process and file insurance claims, those who file paperwork, who clean the exam rooms… thank you!)

2. braces – I remember my “braces years” without great fondness, but it’s truly amazing that our teeth can be shifted permanently in this way!

3. other medical workers – particularly those who work with physical therapy. Though exercises are sometimes tougher than it seems they should be, I appreciate how a professional in this area can help me strengthen things that aren’t working as they ought to be.

4. enjoying sci-fi movies as a family – When I first saw Return of the Jedi as a twelve-year-old, I’d never have imagined that about thirty years later, my husband and I would be watching this movie with our two daughters. (I still love the Ewoks best, and I’m convinced they were added to the plot for twelve-year-old girls whose brothers managed to drag them along to the drive-in.)

5. the Bible – As our daughters finish preparing for the summer “quiz-off” this weekend I see how deeply they’re delving into the book of John. God’s word is amazing, and that it is available for us to have is rather overwhelming. I know I take this for granted!