Day 1 – Thirty Days of Thanks, 2014

Kickoff: remembering blessings

It’s funny, the things we remember – big events, smaller moments, seemingly little tidbits sandwiched in between. As time passes, memories do fade. Or, for one with “scars in her brain,” she may sometimes question the validity of memories, grasping at glimmers, revisiting blessings. So how about if she spends this month counting some of those blessings on her blog?

July 2012, I challenged myself to apply a practice of my mother’s during her chemotherapy treatments. She had been encouraged to write “5 things she was thankful for” each day – a sunset, a fragrant rose, a soft pillow…  I don’t know what was recorded in her journal, but my challenge is to follow Mom’s example again. Pondering  blessings helps lift the spirit, direct one’s thoughts, help focus on our Father.

So here goes: Day 1 –  5 things I’m thankful for today

1. Rain – the very wet spring/summer has greened our grass, strengthened our trees (that were a bit stunted after last year’s dry spell), and rinsed the pollen-drenched air.
2. Fudge – our anniversary trip to Macinac Island brought us to a lovely fudge shop, and we still have a few pieces that we are still savoring. Mmmmm…
3. Purposeful Leftovers – I so enjoy it when one night’s supper can be repurposed the following night for another enjoyable meal! (stuffed peppers one night, tortilla roll-ups the second.)
4. The BMV – the Bureau of Motor Vehicles may seem frustrating at times, but it was nice to find the small area office as a calm place where two daughters could take a written test, have their photos taken, pass an eye exam, and get their learners permits.  All in under an hour! Go, small towns!
5. My patient husband – T.R. will undoubtedly be on this list many other days ahead, but today I especially appreciate the patience he demonstrated while giving the girls their very first driving lesson. I would have loved to have been a “fly on the wall” (in the back seat).

Most days this month won’t have quite the lengthy treatise, but each will certainly bring many reasons to share.

How about you – what are you thankful for today?