Day 4 – Thirty Days of Thanks

On July 4, I am particularly reminded of special reasons to be thankful! Why? Let me tell you…
5 things of thanks, today in particular:

1. Brave folks who founded our nation more than 200 years ago – Though John Adams refused each year to celebrate on July 4 (he said it was really July 2, 1776, as that was when they initially signed the document), I enjoy celebrating our country’s “birthday” with people from all 50 states. Sorry, John, but the 4th is fine with me.

2. fireworks! – Unlike last year, the ground is not dangerously dry, and the neighborhood fireworks display could shine. How beautiful it was!

3. Patriotic music – The Mississinewa Valley Band (from all around Grant County) performed phenomenally at last night’s concert, mostly of patriotic music. My favorite was the medley they played of themes from each f the armed services, when audience member veterans of each stood appropriately. It was an honor to have so many brave men and women in attendance.

4. Grilling with family – how lovely to share an evening with family, with dinner hot from the grill. Thanks, Dad! (And T.R.!)

5. Juicy corn-on-the-cob (and watermelon and other fixin’s) – thanks, Mom! It’s always such a treasure to have a “family feast” on holidays like today!