Day 5 – Thirty Days of Thanks – Together Time

5 Things of Thanks for today!

1. Saturday sleep – those extra minutes of extra rest with my sweet hubby are treasured!

2. Our local CSA Victory Acres pick-up this morning had some lovely veggies for our table, including lettuce that adorned our evening hamburgers.

3. Monthly half-off sale at Goodwill – the first Saturday of the month is a fun shopping trip – when 6 shirts, one new (tags still on) pair of pants, 16 (!!) cd’s and more can be obtained for a crazily low amount, it’s rather amazing. (I’m almost embarrassed at how little we paid, so I’m not stating it here, but if somebody asks, I’d be willing to share 😉

4. Saturday morning movie specials – then after Goodwill, to see a movie for only $5.50 each (the before noon special) was superb. Then to have the movie be scads better than expected – super bonus!

5. Patient, kitchen-helping husband – Particularly with my speed and dexterity (or lack thereof), he is incredibly helpful at doing things like cutting up fruit for salad I needed to make… what could have been a more frustrating evening was smoothed with his loving assistance. Love you, Sweetie!