Day 8 – Thirty Days of Thanks – thankful for my girls

During my college summers, when I worked at Deer Valley Ranch, I recall my supervisors sharing, “Watch out – the rest of the summer flies by once you pass July 4.” And how right they were! With shorter summer break from school this year, I find this to be particularly true. One month from today, on August 8, school will begin again. And the time is flying!

Our daughters will be high school sophomores next year, and I keep reminding myself how precious these days are. They do know that “sophomore” actually means “wise fool,” and I am relishing the foolish wisdom of these lovely young ladies. So as one daughter practices guitar and the other takes a few minutes to read, I think the time has come for me to share today’s list:

5 blessings from having Rachel and Emily as a part of my life:

1. If I need a hug… Rachel will be there. Since she was tiny, she loved hugs (sometimes to an extreme J), and I know she cares.

2. I was once learning to play guitar… but my fingers became uncooperative about a decade ago. I love hearing Emily learn to play, strumming and singing a few basic tunes. Those same fingers create clay dragons, crochet everything from a scarf to a sweater to a satchel to a headband… and she held her first crochet hook less than a year ago.

3. I had wanted a sister growing up… and now these two lovely young ladies are such a beautiful part of life! Adolescence isn’t simple, but these two still keep life joyful. And we can share “girl moments,” to a point. I’m still Mommy, but we can giggle together.

4. When I first heard twins were to be born… I had many fears. I needn’t have worried – they’re both equally bright, they don’t look alike so that I mix them up, and their personalities are so different that they generally don’t have the same emotional traumas at the same time. With different eye color, different hair color, and a four inch height difference, we all laugh when people look at the girls and ask, “Oh, twins – are they identical?” Really, they ask that. …though more often than not, people have a hard time believing they’re twins.

5. Books and media of all types are valued by our girls… and it is such a pleasure tohear of and discuss their current reading escapades. How appropriate that one daughter’s ultimate career goal is to become a librarian. She also craves digital media, which will serve her well. Her sister wishes to teach high school chemistry, where years of reading and creativity will do her well. The world will never be the same.

The days, weeks, years ahead hold so much promise – we love you, Em and Rach!