Day 9 – Thirty Days of Thanks

What to highlight today? Let’s see…

5 Things of thanks today:

1. Disney soundtracks – our daughters love listening to these musical scores, sometimes singing along, and as the Beauty and the Beast music was playing this evening (their choice), I had to smile as I remember this very cd playing in my college dorm room 20 plus years ago… 😉

2. Washing machine – and loving family who help to man the contraption. With MS acting as an energy drain, my loving husband has taken to completing much of our weekly laundry chores. And I still have to remind myself how blessed we are to have these first world amenities!

3. Dishwasher, too – what a joy to be able to wash and dry most of our dinnerware at the same time! Loading and unloading this contraption was one of the first “kitchen chores” our girls picked up, many years ago. I appreciate time and energy saved. I can certainly use a washcloth and towel, but I am so thankful for this little luxury.

4. Colored braces bands – I had my braces in college, so the rubber bands they exchanged each month or so were clear ones (boring, my girls say), but when their braces were tightened today, our daughters could choose from a rainbow myriad of colors. Deciding what to choose was a fun lunch discussion. J (black/white and blue/turquoise today, for any who care.)

5. My smartphone – Until this spring, I was happy with my regular cell phone, as it could make calls and send little text messages as needed (in a very clunky way, but it worked)… with the ease of communication this device could unlock, I am absolutely thrilled to be able to take advantage of this tool. It is more useful than I had anticipated! I can find maps and recipes and news and Facebook updates… and I can even make phone calls. 🙂