Day 11 – Thirty Days of Thanks

After a very lovely day, I’ll share 5 “thankful things” that helped today be extra special!

1. First cousins
– for me, two of my first cousins (children of Mom’s sisters) were close to me in age, and the three of us have shared so many special times! Some at camps, some at the farm, some at a certain lake cottage… always special. And being cousins, we can connect in our forties (today) and have a blessed time in many ways. I love you, Pam and Carolyn!

2. Second cousins – when children of first cousins cross paths, they discover that they are indeed second cousins. I hope that a few of these younger folks can one day discover special ways that their worlds can interconnect!

3. Pontoon boats – what a lovely way for second cousins to share an afternoon, swimming near the family lake cottage!

4. Fireflies – Wow, these fascinatingly luminescent insects put on quite a show tonight!

5. Full moon – on our way home tonight, we were taken aback by what we found is called a “Supermoon.” Breathtaking!