Day 14 – 30 Days of Thanks

Fun evening, much room for thanks! Here are just 5 of the things I’m thankful for tonight:

1. Special coupons at restaurants we like (that our daughters aren’t so fond of) – go Internet!

2. fresh, cheese-garlic drop biscuits – I can’t quite mimic the Red Lobster biscuits in my similar recipe, but I do try. The biscuits are one of my favorite parts of their meals!

3. Mmmm… seafood – shrimp, crab and such are so tasty! I know that our friends near the coast enjoy fresher delights, but we appreciate what we can glean here in the landlocked Midwest.

4. A cheery, helpful waitress – the server tonight reminded us a bit of the waitress the night we were ;engaged. Tonight’s server was younger (or we’re just older), but she was memorable and helpful. And witty 🙂 . (And she had the same name as one of our daughters!)

5. a real Date Night with my dear husband – our anniversary isn’t until Wednesday, but we had to celebrate sometime near there, don’t you think? (Several years ago, when we didn’t find a sitter, the girls came along to Johnny Carino’s – we had decided children’s pasta would be less expensive, if I remember right. But they’re old enough now that they could have stayed home… or they can go camping in the rain. That works, too.)