Day 16 – Thirty Days of Thanks – My Lifetime Dance Partner

20 years! Almost half of my life, I suppose… seems like a long time on one hand, but being in our young forties (at least I like to think it’s young forties… humor me, please), I hope we reach bigger milestones in the years to come.

So what’s with the 20? This is “Day 16” in my now annual journey of thanks. You see, on July 16. 1994, I became Mrs. Thomas R. Knight. In my mind, that sentence is framed with a myriad of exclamation points, but I think life has taught me that a firm declarative sentence doesn’t have to end that way. But you know what? This is my blog, and I am free to stretch rules of punctuation and grammar as I wish.  So here you have it – today is our 20th wedding anniversary! As for the title, you’ll see the explanation in #1 below. Allow me to continue here:

5 reasons I am thankful today, July 16, 2014

1. Dancing partner –About five few years ago, Andrew Peterson recorded the song “Dancing in the Minefields.” I loved this song, which is ironic, because I’ve never been too talented with footwork, and our alma mater didn’t have dancing as a part of life on campus. The words to the song tell the story of what the promise of marriage is. And my lifelong dance partner who hiked trails with me in state parks twenty years ago now skirts the “disability minefield” by finding state parks with paved paths, then pushing up to see an amazing waterfall.

2. reading partner – One of the first things that attracted us to each other was the love of the written word. Recently, he shared a fascinating article with me last week about this very topic – there is a lot of truth here! It’s interesting that our family picture a few years ago had us all wearing t-shirts proclaiming, “The book was better.” ‘Nuff said.

3. new appreciation for so much – While growing up, I know I was often pegged as a “nerd.” Life with T.R. has helped me learn to embrace such monikers. “Geek” wasn’t quite as popular, but it became appropriate also, and to have a best friend and partner who values such things is precious indeed. He has helped me see sides to life that I’m sure I didn’t appreciate before. And this leads to the next…

4. partners in cinema – Back we had VHS tapes, T.R. and I found that we enjoyed watching movies together, rewatching favorites, sharing with friends. Fast forward to today (because that used to be how one would finish a tape, for those who don’t remember). Over a few years now, we’ve been building a personal library of DVD’s to watch, then share with family and friends. T.R. and I can frequently be “frustratingly frugal” – purchasing a film is often more economical than a trip to the theater, so it’s not uncommon for us to watch shows this way. We have had so many fun discussions, interactions with movie-watching friends… this has been great! And I do appreciate how the DVD player has your finished program “rewound” before we hit the eject button!

5. partners in faith – to be united with a husband who partners with me as he leads our family, who prays, studies, and works as both a follower (of our Father) land a leader each day is truly a privilege. And a joy. The fact that we’re both planted on the same foundation makes life… well, it makes it work!


Growing appreciation for games, new music, growing “old and curmudgeony” together… I could write pages about any little facet of this. But not today. As T.R. and agreed while awakening this morning, it has been a good twenty years. Happy anniversary, Sweetie!